Letters to Gloria

While I was in Southeast Asia I wrote hundreds of letters to my then-girlfriend Gloria.  We got married when I returned from my Southeast Asia tour.  The
color-highlighted paragraphs
are quotes from those letters.

My Photos

Shot with a Nikkomat 35mm camera--mostly black and white.

Wikimedia Commons

Pictures of airplanes and such from their database of freely reusable images

Tactical Airdrome Directory- South Vietnam (TAD)

Pilots and navigators got information about large airfields from the IFR enroute supplement and instrument approach books. 

Many airfields in Vietnam were temporary or had no instrument approaches so they were not included in these publications.  The USAF compiled information about these small airfields into a separate book, affectionately called the TAD.

Contemporary Historical Examination of Current Operations (CHECO) Report: Tactical Airlift in SEA

A comprehensive review of combat airlift in Vietnam by the USAF.


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Taiwan (CCK)



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Letter from Viet Nam
C-130 TAD