January 26, 1971

Wherever we flew, the navigator regularly called the Airstrike and Artillery Warning System (AASW) to ensure that we were clear of friendly fire. 


Bien Hoa had its own published artillery corriders, and as we approached, the nav called up AASW as usual .  Friendly artillery was firing just a mile from the runway.   Gulp.  That was too close for comfort, but we landed as planned.  After we landed, ALCE advised us that the field was under attack.  Glad to get out of there.
Near the end of our frag we landed at Bien Hoa.  There was artillery firing down to a mile from the runway and when we were on the ground ALCE advised the field was condition red.  Happily we offloaded and onloaded the pax right away and departed with alacrity.  We even finished an hour ahead of schedule.


Vietnam and Cambodia


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