Beer and Sociological Insight at the O Club, May 30, 1971

Last night Mamie Van Doren (!) had a show at the Club, which was pretty good by TSN standards.  Fellow Pope-assignee Bill Draper came into the dining room feeling no pain and poured beer on BV and me.  When I retaliated with ice tea he tried again and soaked down the major sitting next to me.  Ah well, 'twas all in fun.

Also sitting at our table was Mac, a retired Navy chief petty officer (presumably a civilian contractor now).  He did not ingratiate himself with his remarks like "Hey look at that guy with the long hair--he must be a queer." nor his twice-told tale of grabbing a waitress by the boobs at the Yokosuka Naval Base Club.  Takes all kinds...

Passenger Run, June 3, 1971

Today we flew a star pax mission (a daily scheduled run)--the first I'd flow since February.  Things went pretty smoothly overall.  Roy did a good airborn radar approach at Cam Ranh Bay which restored his wounded confidence.

There we picked up 75 pax including the Det 2 commander (Det 2 is the C-130B outfit at Cam Ranh Bay) and Mac (the guy at our table a few nights ago who remarked that the guy with the long hair must be a queer).  I said hello to Mac but he didn't even answer.  Just as well--he'd probably have resumed his tales of his buddies in the Underwater Demolition Team.  BV said he wanted to ask him to tell us just one more time how he grabbed the girl in the Yokosuka Club!

I had lunch at the TSN BOQ 1, and guess who was there--Mac!


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