...we were flying along and King 26 (C-130 used as airborn rescue and recovery command post) came up on guard asking a chopper about a downed aircraft.  After some discussion it was determined that it was a C-123 that had made a bad landing at Djamap and gone off the side of the runway leaving part of a wing on the runway.  Everybody got out OK, but I guess the airplane was somewhat worse for the transaction.
Alert.  We showed up at 4:30 and were told we'd be flying an FCF (functional check flight) ASAP.  Same airplane we flew yesterday.  The rudder trim was written up so when I flew yesterday I checked it out--the trim was OK but the rudder was out of rig.  So they adjusted the rudder and the FCF is required before any regular flying can be done.
You have to fly the airplane somewhere on an FCF and I'd planned to fly over to Djamap and see what I could see.  But a flight examiner got to fly the FCF instead.
About noon today Sgt. Bruno had a little problem downtown in Saigon.  He was walking down the street alone when 4 kids jumped out.  One tried to get his watch while another went for his wallet.  He did all right for himself though--kicked one in the seat, gave another a cut eye, the third a sprained or broken arm and the 4th got away.  He did keep his watch and wallet.  Saigon's not a good place for a stroll alone these days--even in broad daylight.  I wonder how many of those kids lived at the Street Boys' Barn.
On days off I volunteered at the Saigon Street Boys' Barn.


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