May 14, 1971

I flew the rotator from Tan Son Nhut to CCK on the 13th--call sign Rive 45.
Back at CCK again.  My plans to spend my crew rest in Taipei have gone down the tubes.  While I was at TSN packing to leave, Bill Caldwell dropped in with his latest info on the 776th's sponsoring of a scout troop and an orphanage.

Since he was going to be in-country for commander's call here today he wanted me to answer any questions that might arise when Col. Cooper presents the idea to the squadron.  Sooo, here I am.

There was another reason Bill wanted me to be at the commander's call.
Time out for commander's call--got a medal today.  BFD.  An air medal with one oak leaf cluster.

May 15, 1971

The wing here at CCK (314th Airlift Wing) is being returned to the States.  Uh, not exactly.  Y'see, CCK's wing will just change its name to the 374th (which was at Naha until all the C-130A's were given to the reserves recently).

Also the 345th, 346th, and 776th squadrons will be given new names.  The 776th is supposed to be redesignated the 33rd, a squadron that's been defunct for 25 years!  So Col. Cooper (squadron commander) sent a message to PACAF objecting to the 776th's demise and we're hoping it'll work.  This whole name change thing is ridiculous.  It'll cause a tremendous amount of effort and expense with nothing accomplished that I can perceive.

Col. Cooper's objection was honored and the 776th squadron was not renamed.  It remained at CCK for two more years then moved to Clark AB.


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