April 27, 1971

We flew from CCK (Taiwan) up to Naha (Okinawa) where we picked up a load of vegetables.  We flew on to Qui Nhon (Vietnam), and finally down to Tan Son Nhut (Vietnam) to begin our in-country rotation.
When we landed at Naha Monday a master sergeant asked if he could ride with us to Qui Nhon.  After I read his orders and asked him some questions I concluded there was about a 50-50 chance he was away without leave--it was all rather fishy.  But I figured if he was AWOL it was still better that he return to his station, so I took him. 

April 29, 1971

Cheated death again--another day of derring-do in the war zone.  Had a Vietnamese pax mission and we got off late because of several small problems.  The VNAF ramp was a dog-and-pony show as usual but we got off to Pleiku after shooing off one stowaway.
At Pleiku the radar controller gave us a really bad GCA (ground-controlled approach).  We landed OK, but if the weather was worse we wouldn't have made it.  I was concerned about subsequent crews, so after we landed I phoned the GCA outfit to talk about how much they misaligned us.

May 3, 1971

On flights around Vietnam our callsign was "Spare".  This day we were Spare 621 and we were scheduled for seven stops.  For something different we took a USO band to Danang by way of Hue and Chu Lai.
There were two girls and it was kinda fun to have them make the radio calls.  They guys on the ground got quite a charge out of it.

When we arrived at Danang, all the passengers got off but one.  I asked him where he was going and he said Chu Lai!  Seems he'd gotten on at Hue and for some reason didn't get off while we were at Chu Lai!  He checked with Danang passenger service and learned it would be 14 hours before the next flight to Chu Lai.

Our remaining stops were Qui Nhon, Tan Son Nhut, Chu Lai, and Tan Son Nhut.
He asked if it'd be OK to ride along to Qui Nhon, TSN, then Chu Lai and I said sure.  When we arrived at TSN, Saigon Tea said, "Spare 621, you're fini."  So here was this poor guy on the opposite end of the country from where he wanted to be.  Ah well, there was a flight to Chu Lai at 7:30 AM.


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